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What we do

#Biodiversity #Governance #Resilience

Biodiversity conservation: Arid and semi arid lands are rich in biodiversity. That is plants and animal species. The dry lands world wide host authorised protected areas and are inhabited by pastoral and indigenous communities.

Governance and policy: The resource governance components focus on capacity development of rural communities to sustainably manage and use natural resources; and secure resource rights for food security and climate change adaptation.

Resilience and livelihoods: Dryland support low agricultural production due to the variable climate conditions. The focus will be on sustainable livelihoods and nutrition through an innovative and resilient agricultural and livestock management practices for arid landscapes development.

What we do: BIGRRES

Biodiversity conservation and protection – focuses on natural ecosystem preservation and engagement with indigenous peoples.

Governance – focuses on natural resource governance for sustainable development and coexistence among communities

Resilience – Focuses on community livelihood strengthening through harnessing of ecosystem to achieve the food security needs.

Research and communication – This involves or focuses on policy for advocacy to inform stakeholders on the needs for change in narratives of development. This takes on participatory approaches.

 Current and past projects

Current projects;

Reaching out to the manayattas and Kraals on COVID 19: The partnership project with financial support from EuroAfriLink and Afrifood Uganda to sensitise pastoralists communities on COVID 19 in Karamoja. The target of the project is to reach to about over 900 pastoralists households and Kraals with COVID 19 information focusing on Signs, Symptoms, transmission, prevention and risks associsated with the pandemic. The other is converting likely impacts of COVID 19 in the pastoralists communities of Karamoja.

Celebrating Earth Day: Go green KaramojaKAYESE-256 in joint collaboration with community based youth groups, associations and Arid Landscape Initiative Africa- ALIN Africa launched a Go Green Campaign with a aim of planting 15, 000 trees of both indigenous and exotic species  the main purpose of the activity is to restore Nabuin/Lia Watershed in Moroto Central Forest (Biodiversity) Reserve which has been degraded due to daily fuel wood needs of the community members through advocacy campaigns and inclusive conservation with the neighbouring communities in Katikekile sub county. Therefore, over 15000 assorted trees will be planted in 7 primary schools and Nabuin degraded watershed on the Moroto District district side.

Main Purpose: To restore and rehabilitate the degraded Nabuin watershed through tree planting and community sensitization on the dangers of environmental degradation.


  • Reached out to 1,178 households on COVID 19 sensitization and awareness creation
  • Received and Distributed 49 cartoon boxes of soap to 1178 Households
  • Distributed 3 cartoons of soap to 300 kraal leaders 

Contact us:

Red Cross, KAYESE 256 Independence Avenue plot 89, Moroto municipality


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