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Renewable Energy: EU – AU Perspective And Lessons Learned — EuroAfri Link

Accelerating Green and accessing green energy is the talk of the day in the EU especially with solar energy also known as the clean energy source. The government, individuals, and giant solar investors and companies are all interested in projects that promote renewable energy sources. Projects that can benefit two continents like Europe and Africa…Renewable Energy:…

How Urban Pastoralism Is Being Threatened By Water Pollution, Population Pressure — Enviro Wild

Urban pastoralism Urban pastoralism is a less discussed topic due to its rarity in cities and towns because of the lack of enough space to support such a livelihood. Following a visit to Zebra Manyatta in Utawala, Nairobi metropolitan area, several issues were uncovered that pastoralists in the area encounter resulting from environmental degradation due…How Urban…

Climate change impacts on pastoralism and women in Uganda and Kenya

The article features the recent online discussion by Enviro Wild on advancing climate action in Africa. Climate change knows no territorial boundaries so it will always be a grave mistake to restrict pastoral mobility as pastoralism practices equally have no borders. Climate change is a cross-cutting phenomenon affecting all sectors of societies, as it stifles…


Kaabong Youth Media produces the first video of COVID 19 transmission. It looks at How the traditional knowledge can predict the future, how the corona virus can arrive to a community, how traditional practices can be source of ignorance towards … Read the restPASTORALISM, TRADITIONS AND COVID 19. —


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