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Sensitization and awareness creation on COVID 19. We are reaching out to 15,000 pastoralists in Manyattas and Kraals on COVID 19 response mechanism. We share voices to safeguard communities from likely impacts of COVID 19.

Join ALIN Africa Young volunteers on #ReachOuttoManyattas&Kraals #KickCOVID19OutofAfrica #Washyourhands with water and soap

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Biodiversity conservation: Arid and semi arid lands are rich in biodiversity. That is plants and animal species. The dry lands world wide host authorised protected areas and are inhabited by pastoral and indigenous communities. Therefore, conserving dryland biodiversity is critical for pastoral resource sustainability.

Governance and policy: The resource governance components focus on capacity development of rural communities to sustainably
manage and use natural resources; and secure resource rights for food security and climate change adaptation.

Resilience and livelihoods: Drylands support low agricultural production due to the variable climate conditions. The focus will be on sustainable livelihoods and nutrition through an innovative
and resilient agricultural and livestock management practices for arid landscapes development.

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