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About us

#Biodiversity #Governance #Resilience

Arid Landscape Initiative ALIN Africa.

We are social think tank group with focus on arid and semi arid landscapes, pastoralism and natural resource governance.

Arid Landscape Initiative (ALIN Africa) is an Indigenous Organization working to improve the quality of lives and landscapes through community participation and empowerment in sustainable access, ownership and utilization of ecosystems services for social economic realization.

ALIN Africa has a main focus of promoting community transformation through rangeland voice advocacy for social economic and cultural wellbeing with greater emphasis on Biodiversity, Governance and Research in the pastoral landscape in Karamoja, Uganda and East Africa. 


A resourceful community with biodiverse landscape recourse access and ownership rights.


To promote community landscape transformation through improved resource governance and advocacy for social economic and cultural empowerment.


  1. To promote biodiversity conservation, protection through sustainable access, use and management for community resilience.
  2. To strengthen community institutional capacities on resource leadership and natural resource governance.
  3. To undertake in research and advocacy on natural resource policy through partnership and collaboration with national, regional and international institutions.

Core Values

  1. Collective Action and Responsibility
  2. Participatory development
  3. Transparency and accountability
  4. Mutual Respect
  5. Equity and Gender parity
  6. Voluntarism and service above self
  7. Respect for human rights

Our stakeholders

  1. Pastoralists
  2. Small holders farmers
  3. Indigenous and Minority communities
  4. Youth and women groups
  5. Education institutions

Partner Institutions:

Karamoja Youth Efforts to Save Environment 256 (KAYESE 256)

Ateker Cultural Center Karamoja (ACCK)

Coalition of Pastoralists Civil Society Organizations (COPACSO)

Euro Afri Link (EAL)

Afrifood Uganda

International platforms of membership

FAO Family Farmers


  • Reached out to 1,178 households on COVID 19 sensitization and awareness creation
  • Received and Distributed 49 cartoon boxes of soap to 1178 Households
  • Distributed 3 cartoons of soap to 300 kraal leaders 
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