Pastoral women video on COVID 19 in Karamoja

Video Clips by ALIN Africa, Edited by Ateker TV

Arid Landscape Initiative (ALIN Africa) is a think tank organisation working to improve the quality of lives and landscapes through community participation and empowerment in sustainable access, ownership, and utilization of ecosystems services for social-economic realization. With the main focus of promoting community transformation through raising voices and advocacy for social economic and cultural wellbeing on Biodiversity, Governance, and Research in rural landscapes.

Early this year ALIN Africa received small funding support from AfriFoods and Euro Afri Link to reach out to pastoralists in manyattas and kraals. It was such a great experience meeting pastoralists able to respond quickly to the sensitization message. Despite limited access to water, detergents like soap, sanitizers, untranslated pandemic information pastoralist are always ready to respond together. Knowing and having information is the power to them qualifying why indigenous knowledge is critical to local communities.

It is a call of action to inform us that pastoral people are not static to change, they are always responding and are ready to respond. Due to sensitization and awareness efforts reached by ALIN Africa, the Video can be used to support other pastoral communities to respond equally to COVID 19 pandemic the video produced through the support of Ateker TV can now be accessed on the link Karamoja COVID 19 response.

ALIN Africa is a social think tank group with a focus on arid and semi-arid landscapes, pastoralism, and natural resource governance in Africa.

Reach out to ALIN Africa via Facebook on Arid Landscape Initiative (ALIN Africa), on Twitter on @AridLandscapes

Published by Arid Landscapes Initiative- ALIN Africa

Arid Landscape Initiative (ALIN Africa) is a think tank social group with a focus on ASALs biodiversity, pastoralism, natural resource governance, and policy development.

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